Tapered is committed to inspiring a new trend in fashion. One that reveals a story, and promotes a change. We are here to serve as an advocate for local and ethically centered brands and to encourage an alteration within the fashion industry. We are setting new industry standards by informing and inspiring you to think above and beyond current trends. We desire to build a globally minded community that supports and honors the unique faces, creativity and craftsmanship behind what we wear. Tapered is here to lead you in discovering your original style, to dream with you, and to help you revolutionize your closet.


Amy Harris
Amy's journey began when she received her first camera and journal at the age of 9. This creative outlet has since driven her to pursue a life of experience, beauty, adventure, and purpose. You will often find her globetrotting, buying a vintage hat, or laughing loudly over coffee with a friend. When asked the classic ice-breaker question, her favorite fun fact is that she works for American Airlines parking airplanes and loading bags. Amy’s fearless pursuit to follow her dreams is what ultimately birthed her idea for Tapered — a community driven fashion magazine that celebrates beauty and chooses to live in awareness of how we can impact and change the world.