Willing and Abel.

Robyn Mitchell has always wanted to help people and build community. More specifically, Robyn wanted to help create stable economic opportunities for those with disadvantages. Think single mothers, people with physical disabilities, low income families who need extra income etc. Though she is an extremely talented seamstress and painter, the typical fashion startup didn't fit. "It’s about making the right sacrifices.” And for her, this means sharing her skills to help others. And with that, Abel was born.


Abel is more than beautiful dresses; Abel is a channel of help and hope.

They focus on enabling and empowering people in the Vancouver community who have employment barriers or need extra income. Robyn and her volunteers take time every week to teach free sewing workshops and it’s through these workshops that the Abel tote bags, dresses and zero waste collaborations with local brand Novel Supply Co. are made. 

When Robyn isn’t preparing for workshops, she is creating beautiful textile designs. Her newest work features elegant hand painted silk & satin dresses. These whimsical masterpieces have a mysterious appeal to them, like slipping into a dream which, in a way it is. “I've always just let whatever is inside come out. I don't try to influence that too much, because I enjoy absorbing my surroundings and seeing them show up in my work. Nature feels like first hand inspiration to me and is usually the only place I look to for creativity.”

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