A Denim Diary by Amy Harris.

Amy Denim Diary

When I was in high school I had NO CLUE what I was doing when it came to fashion. You probably relate if you were in high school in the 2000s — there wasn’t pinterest or instagram to help a girl out. I also feel that style in the 2000s was the puberty years of fashion. Trucker hats, popped collar polos, lace up jeans, long shirts under t-shirts, studded belts, and ruffled short skirts… awkward and transitional. Anyone relating with me here? All that to say, when it came to shopping, I bought a lot of useless clothes and stuff that didn’t do my body justice.

There was one particular shopping outing that I will never forget. It still feels just as vivid today as when it happened 10 years ago. I was in Banana Republic, feeling very defeated. Nothing seemed to fit properly, things were too expensive, I was overwhelmed by my options, and I was desperate to feel good about myself. As I browsed a sale rack I stumbled upon a pair jeans that was in my price range, a style I really liked, and happened to be my size. Being the only pair they had left, I bought them.

They fit good, they looked good, and most importantly, they made me feel good.

Those jeans became a staple item in my wardrobe and I wore them for many seasons of my life. They saw me through high school, moved with me to Virginia for college, accompanied me to my first big girl job, and are with me now as I write this article. The holes in the knees came naturally over time and are a reflection of my love for them. They are more than a fashion statement, they have shared my story, they connect my past to my present, and they continue to shine.

Amy Harris

Amy Harris


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