An interview with Divina Stennfeld.


We are super excited to announce that we have a new team member! Meet the lovely Divina Stennfeld. A creative soul who knows how to live life to the fullest. We are positive that you will find her passion wonderfully contagious. Keep an eye out for her photographs in future articles. Meanwhile, we've put together an interview so that you can get to know her a bit better :)

TAPERED: When did you first learn about conscious fashion and how have you approached shopping since?
I first learned about conscious fashion a few years back, but it was brought back to my attention just recently. I have been researching a lot of different companies on social media and a couple different conscious fashion companies that really stand out to me. It was enriching and powerful learning what exactly conscious fashion is and how it can make a difference in the world. I knew right then and there that I wanted to be a part of this movement to help and support awareness of conscious fashion and how crucial and important it is to our world today.


T: Do you have any favorite conscious centered brands?
D: Some of my favorite conscious brands are Amata Bene, Raven + Lily, Nisolo, and Esby Apparel.

T: Is there any particular style that you obsess over, or a color you love to wear?
D: I am obsessed with neutrals of any kind. Obviously I love to wear black because who doesn’t?!?! My favorite styles right now are t-shirt dresses with a good choker, high waisted denim pants or shorts, all types of hats, and bandana neck ties of course!

T: What’s the longest owned article of clothing you have and how long have you had it now?
D: My longest owned article of clothing I own right now would have to be my black dress. I think I’ve had it for about 6 years.

T: How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as trendy yet simple and minimalistic  with a touch of an edgy vibe sometimes.


T: If you had to wear the same outfit every day for a month, what would it be?
D:  A comfy black t-shirt dress with a  red bandana neck tie, a fedora, and black booties.

T: You’ve traveled a lot, where’s your favorite place to visit and what can you not leave without?
D: That would definitely have to be Barcelona, Spain. I had the opportunity to live there recently for a couple of months, and it was such an amazing and magical experience. I really got immersed in the culture and got to see what it felt like to live there as a local.  But the one item I need with me at all times when traveling is my camera.

T: What’s your go to comfort food?
Well being from Texas and all, DEFINITELY chips and salsa. ;-)

T: Being from Austin, TX, can you describe the style scene there??
D: Austin’s style can only be described as diverse and unique. There is not an exact trend that sweeps across the city. Basically, as long as you are confident in what you’re wearing, people respect it! That’s what I love about Austin. The style is so diverse throughout the whole city, and it’s such a beautiful thing to see! Austin’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird” and we definitely live this out!

T: Least favorite trend or clothing era i.e. 90’s 2000’s...?
D: Hmm that’s a tough one, I’d probably have to say the early 2000’s. Some of the things that were “on trend” are so rough to look at now! I have to admit, I wore skirts over my jeans, but it’s something I regret looking back!


T: What kind of camera do you like to use to shoot with?
I currently shoot with a Nikon D3300 with a 50mm lens. This camera holds a special place in my heart because it was the camera I took to Europe with me. We’ve been through alot together. I am definitely on the market for a more advanced camera, but this camera will always be my first love.

T: If you could choose a superhero power, what would it be? i.e. flying, invisibility etc.
Definitely being able to think of a place you want to travel or go to at that very instant, and be able to zap yourself to that place in that very instant! That would take away from the stress of expensive flights!!

T: If you could have it your way, from start to finish, what would be your ideal day be like?
D: My ideal day would be to wake up, read my bible, do yoga, go on a run, eat greek yogurt and granola for breakfast, go to the beach for the day, and then have a family game night

Follow her adventure here — @divinastennfeld

PS. This is the first interview of many! We are excited to start highlighting people within our community and how they are uniquely approaching conscious fashion. Want to be part of the movement? Email us here!