A Letter From The Editor

We are all addicted to fashion in one way or another. Whether that be a pair of shoes, an excessive collection of rings, or a love for handbags. Fashion is often how we define and express ourselves. It’s the way that we separate or include ourselves into a particular society. And today, fashion is more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Thanks to what we call, Fast Fashion, we can now buy 14 items for the price of one pair of expensive shoes.

This comparison always justifies splurging on the endless carousel of trends, quickly creating a retail store in our personal closets. This may sound like a fashionistas dream, but is it really cultivating a culture that has an independent sense of style? When a shirt only costs $12, we are more likely to keep it than return it. So instead of a purposeful wardrobe, our closets are filled with useless and disposable clothing.

The fast fashion lifestyle is crippling the value of clothing and also the value of our independent style. 

Additionally, there is a facet to fashion that most of us are unaware of — an Iron Curtain isolating our exposure to only one side of the 1.2 trillion dollar industry. Behind the scenes, fashion corporations are outsourcing most of their manufacturing, employing third world citizens to create the clothing that we wear. Unfortunately, too many companies do not oversee or regulate factory labor which often results in terrible pay, overworked employees, and poor working conditions. Not to mention the damaging environmental impact the industry is leaving behind them. Profit is obviously the main goal of any company, but at what cost? 

I don’t say any of this to deter you from being fashionable. In fact, I want to encourage your love affair with fashion, but with fresh eyes.

I want to build a community that supports artisans, locally made, and companies that are transparent about their ethical standards. 

Join us as we explore, experiment, and celebrate style. 

Live Conscious, Live Tapered.