Fashion Revolution Week!

Marking the anniversary of the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza in Dhaka Bangladesh, in which 1,129 people died and left 2,500 people injured. Home to several different fashion factories, this was a crude awakening and the start of the Fashion Revolution. Are clothes really worth the lives of others? 

Join us as we stand with Fashion Revolution on April 24th - 30th in their mission to challenge the status quo, ask questions, and ultimately, to change the way fashion is done.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Post a picture showing off your label, tag and ask the brand, #whomademyclothes?
  • Write a letter to a brand with your questions and concerns.
  • Write to a policy maker about your desire for fair fashion standards.
  • Find ways to upcycle and or refashion your current wardrobe.
  • Host an event like a clothing swap, watch The True Cost documentary or the Minimalism documentary to help spread the word and to help inspire change!
  • Donate to Fashion Revolution to keep the movement going.
  • And finally, simply love what you have and don’t buy anything new.

During this week we would love to share your fashion story —  like our Denim Diary article, write your own story (long or short) about your favorite outfit memory, life long denim friend, or that treasured blouse. Email us your story here or use hashtag #LiveTapered on instagram.

For more information, please visit the Fashion Revolution site and PDF.
*On their site they request that you donate in exchange for the pdf, visit here to do so.