The Father's Day Gift that Keeps on Giving.


1. $44.95 Conscious Step socks
Conscious Step's mission is to change the world. They have partnered with the most effective and impactful nonprofits that tackle things like treating HIV, providing education, ending poverty and righting hunger. All YOU have to do is buy stuff you already need, like socks. This featured gift set get's your dad 3 pairs of well designed responsibly made socks and provides 18 months of safe water, 2 books and funds the fight to end poverty.

2. $95 Warby Parker Glasses
Not only does Warby Parker bring affordable and trendy glasses to the masses, they also donate monthly to nonprofit partners so that they can give glasses to those in need. Additionally, they invest in training men and women in developing countries how to give eye exams so that they can provide their local communities with vision at affordable prices.

3. $30 Harry's Shaving Kit
Similarly to Warby Parker, Harry's sought to create more affordable, yet still high-quality shaving products. "A shave that's made by real guys fro real guys." And because they care about more than the profit, they set up something they call Harry's 1 + 1 where they donate 1% of their sales and 1% of their time giving and volunteering at organizations that help prepare people for professional success. Doesn't sound like much, but hey, that shave kit is only $30 ;)

4. $14 To The Market Hero Keychain
To The Market focuses on economically empowering vulnerable women through artisan enterprise. In other words, all of their products are made by artisans who need help getting their products to a broader market. To The Market helps distribute their goods to different channels like pop-up shops, retail stores and of course, their online store. In addition, they ensure that their artisans have help with trend forecasting, basic mental health resources, and platforms for them to share their story of survival.

5. $39 Bull and Moose Tie
Buy a Tie, Help a Guy. Bull and Moose is a Veteran owned business that uses their profits to help provide micro loans via for underprivileged men in north America. Their handmade luxury neckwear is made out of 100% woven silk; the perfect gift for the dad who likes to look his best.

6. $49 Sword and Plough Travel Kit
Another Veteran focused company, Sword and Plough empowers the employment of Veterans and has helped support over 65 veteran jobs since 2012. They also focus on reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint in the creation of their products by utilizing and repurposing military surplus materials like patrol packs, which is what this featured compact travel kit is lined with. It might be recycled, but it's still a very durable and waterproof material, giving your dad a long-term, high-quality kit.


7. $4.99 The Humble Co. Toothbrush
Everyone needs a toothbrush, even dad, but most people don't have this basic amenity, which is why The Humble Co. decided to help fight oral disease by selling toothbrushes. Every Humble purchase goes towards funding a project for children in need of oral care via their Humble Smile Foundation

8. $39.95 Mission Belt
As seen on Shark Tank, this unique belt does not have any holes and revolutionizes the way belts clasp and fit. But their mission doesn't end there. They fight hunger and poverty worldwide by patterning with to bring loans to men and women in developing countries. Just like Mission Belt, sometimes, all people need to get started is a little capital. 

9. $69 Patagonia Board Shorts
For the past 30 years, Patagonia has donated 1% of its sales to grassroots environmental organizations, has helped initiate Sustainable Apparel Coalition, was the first B Corp in California (commence round of applause). They are certainly considered leaders on the road to sustainability, all while making incredible products too ;)

10. $85 C3 Wines  
Deemed the Napa Philanthropic wine, C3 wines donates 100% of their profits to charity. So when you go to buy a bottle (or two), you simply choose which of their 5 non-profit partners you would like the money to go to. Now that's a win win.

11. $169 Yellow Leaf Hammocks
Last but not least, Yellow Leaf Hammocks is fights poverty through job creating. They work directly with weaving communities by employing mothers and help them build a comprehensive and long-term strategy for providing for their families. So these hammocks are not only made by these women, each purchase is helping transforming their local community and their economy.