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On November 10th, an illigal garment factory in India burned to the ground killing 13 and injuring many more. There are no details beyond the fact that this factory was running illigally, but regardless, this tragedy is the reason Tapered exists. It's time to become aware of where our clothes are being made and the conditions these people are working in. Read the full story here...
13 die in garment factory fire in India.

IMG:  Ruby + Ed   (a PETA award winner)

IMG: Ruby + Ed (a PETA award winner)

A brand we can get behind is designer Stella McCartney. As big advocate for ethical fashion, she ensures that her designs meet specific standards that you can feel good about purchasing. And now, she is expanding by introducing a men's wear line. Read more here...
Stella McCartney presents her men's wear line.

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently had it's annual fashion awards.
Check the 2016 winners here...
PETA 2016 Fashion Award Winners.