It's Time to Wear Good Apparel.

One of the biggest struggles for new and independent designers, is finding a production company that will allow small batch orders. Especially with overseas partners who control 95% of American production. But even if you find somewhere local, large batch production is routine, often requiring a minimum of  250 pieces per design.

This isn't a problem for larger brands. In fact, because high quantity orders drop the price per unit, it’s common for them to order more than they need just to cut costs. This practice not only squanders valuable resources, it encourages and perpetuates waste.

Between the obvious lack of local resources and the growing awareness of poor labor standards and avoidable accidents like the 2012 factory fire in Bangladesh, Kathryn Hilderbrand decided to start Good Clothing Company, a conscious production company that provides consultations, development and manufacturing for independent designers and small businesses.

Since opening their doors in 2015, the Good Clothing Co. has not only been able to help 150 independent designers launch new businesses, they have impacted their local community by providing over 40 jobs.

Marketing Manager, Rachel shared that “It took a while to cultivate the work force here. We found people who came in with their own skills, but we also do a lot of training. Which is cool because we are able to create new jobs for the community.” And this is just the beginning; they already have plans to train and hire another 45 employees within the next two years.

Additionally, they have started their own line, Good Apparel, a series of small capsule collections. Like most capsules, they utilize a neutral color scheme, but their designs are unique and have a fun 70’s flare to them.

“People love our split leg pant." Says Rachel. Like the slit on a skirt, this classic flare bottom pant has an added surprise in case you want to show off a little leg or a favorite shoe. Another favorite is their jumpsuit because of its comfort and versatility.

The key to any successful capsule is the ability to create several outfits from only a few garments, which is exactly what they have done.

Each piece is designed to compliment an existing wardrobe. “It’s a springboard for new and other looks. So new capsule pieces we design later are there to give you the option of building on your base.”

Their collection is made with a variety of organic, recycled and sustainable fibers such as cotton, tencel, linen, bamboo as well as a beautiful hemp and recycled polyester blend seen in their paneled waist pant.

Check out their full collection here!