Open Enrollment, Editor's Letter.

Amagansett beach, NY

Amagansett beach, NY

Waves crashed against me and tried to drag me down as the undertow pulled the sand like someone would pull a carpet from beneath your feet. I struggled, but I knew that there was no point in turning around. I would rather face it head on than get shoved from behind and forced to my knees in submission. I kept walking, knowing that on the other side of the crashing waves was the calm.

I cannot paint a more accurate picture of my 2016. Life seemed to push against me while simultaneously pulling my foundation out from under me. I was blindsided multiple times by unexpected news. And it seemed that every time I regained my footing another wave would come.

That’s what happens when you walk out into the ocean. You have to brave the battering waves to get out to where it’s calm and they don’t always play nice. They call it the breaking point — when a waves momentum pushes it beyond its steepest point and it has no option but to fold and crash. A beautiful chaos and a reminder that you’re not in control. But beyond the clattering waves is the pulse of the ocean; the rhythm of it’s breath flowing in and out.

If any of you can relate to a chaotic and unpredictable year, I want to encourage you because we are about to cross the finish line. We are so close to that calm beyond the chaos. 2017 is a beacon of hope and offers an open enrollment for fresh starts and new beginnings.

I love that about New Years. It’s the annual opportunity to reflect, reset and redefine our purpose for the next 365 days.

Which is why we took a little break over Christmas. 2016 was a whirlwind and we needed time to refocus and remind ourselves why we are here and why we continue to push forward.

Tapered is not just another fashion blog. There are a plethora of options out there if that’s what you want. Tapered exists because there is a need for change. Tapered is here to inspire a new form of fashion. To challenge the status quo, to think differently about the way we consume, to raise awareness of where our clothes come from, and to help you define your style so that you can live beyond the chaos of the constant change of trends. We are here to journey with you, to ask the questions, share stories, and to celebrate you!

In a world that thrives on change and trends, gain and fame, with very little thought for the foundation or the effects on the future, we need to be people who live consciously.

That said, our January is full of content to help you kick start a purposeful and intentional year. From setting fashion goals with life coach extraordinaire, Laura Weldy, to a word on personal style from Santa Barbara stylist Elissa Prola, and much more.

Join us as we dive in deep and explore a world of fashion that transcends the temporary and defines the future.

Amy Harris

Amy Harris


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