Sweet Dreams.

All images provided by  noctu

All images provided by noctu

I often feel giddy when my head finally hits the pillow at night. I mean who doesn’t like to fully relax and rejuvenate their bodies? But more than that, I enjoy being cozy. I have a solid relaxation routine:  set the thermostat to cold, bury myself under blankets and immerse myself into a sea of pillows. I experience immediate contentment as I drift away.

The only way to amplify this bliss is to throw in a  memory foam mattress, high quality  cotton sheets, a splash of lavender oil, and something unbelievably comfortable to sleep in.

I don’t consider this high maintenance, I consider it sanity.

But seriously, how amazing does soft, luxurious organic cotton pajamas sound?

Meet Noctu. A brand dedicated to making beautiful night and loungewear with high quality organic cotton. Their minimal style and soft material makes for the perfect night of endless sleep.

Plus, you can totally wear their garments to the post office or the movie theater (or EVERYWHERE) without shame. They’re that spectacular.

Sweet dreams. 
Or as Noctu would say, sleep softly,
— Amy

“Take my hand and I will lead the way. 
Through the fjords where the night is day.
A special place where the sun does not set.
A land where mountains silhouette.
A place for those who dare to dream.
The land of the midnight sun.”
— Noctu


To purchase your own cozy nightwear, or to read more about Noctu and their ethics, visit their site here.