The answer is simple.

Timeless, effortless, and chic. When thinking about building a timeless wardrobe, “classic” pieces don’t have to equate to boring. 

When it comes to fashion, phrases like, “timeless” or “chic” the Parisian style always comes to mind. Their mysterious and nonchalant style is captivating and we crave their simplistic beauty. There are countless books and blogs that dissect and study their secrets because we all want to know, 

How do they ooze beauty so effortlessly? 

The secret is simplicity. Parisians are considered the chicest of chic, but they don’t shop the trend du jour. Instead, they carefully invest in well made clothes that are beautifully designed and tailored to fit them just right. Their understated style does not change much with the seasons and is very straightforward.

This approach to style isn’t unattainable or unreachable, and it’s less exhausting than the trend circus we try to keep up with.

Inspired by this simple approach, AYR (All Year Round) creates timeless key pieces that transition from season to season. Their take on classic pieces is unique as the cuts are modern and their detailing is really lovely. All of their collections are also designed and made in NYC and their denim in L.A.

white shirts by   AYR   / jeans by   3x1

white shirts by AYR / jeans by 3x1

Check our our interview with AYR’s Co-Founder’s Jac Cameron and Maggie Winter:

What’s the vision for AYR? 

JAC: AYR is founded with the philosophy of simplistic design with a focus on essential wardrobing. Working with a focus on the principals of quality in fabrication and great fit, we set out to create a collection that is as versatile as it is hard working. Details are clean and subtle, with an emphasis on clean lines and comfort. The impetus behind our concept for AYR was to create a line that felt edited, and essential - the pieces that you buy are meant to speak to longevity.

What do you consider to be the most timeless article of clothing? What should everyone invest in first?

JAC: Jeans are the most essential building block to any wardrobe. I collect denim and have worked with a denim picker out of Durango, Colorado throughout my entire career. I found my favorite pair of jeans while shopping his collection at the Rosebowl Flea Market about 8 years ago. This particular jean was the inspiration behind the creation of The Form, part of our sp16 collection and a true favorite of mine. From fabric to wash to fit, The Form represents a true recreation of a classic vintage rigid jean. The wash was created by artisans in LA and the process is hand done, so no two jeans look the same.

Who is the AYR woman?  

MAGGIE: She’s confident, discerning, and busy. She has a strong sense of self; she’s not like everybody else, and she doesn’t want to look like a hundred thousand other people.

JAC: The AYR girl is somebody who knows her own mind and is dressing for herself.  She trust's her instincts and dresses with confidence. She values versatility in her wardrobe, which reflects a collection of favorite things and foundational pieces.

Can you tell us about your design / production process? 

MAGGIE: We think that good design should be for everyone, so we take a shorter-than-traditional markup on our products. We can do this because of our direct-to-consumer business model.  A comparable jacket, for instance, would cost the customer twice as much from another brand, even if it is made of the exact same fabric. We also think good design should be forever, so we use some of the most premium fabrics and trims in the world. The pieces are not cheap - but they are good investments that you'll have and wear forever. And they're excellent value, for the qualities we use.

In your recent travels to Paris, what aspects of French fashion influenced your brand the most?

JAC: Independent boutiques are always my favorite to see as the authenticity behind them is so pure. That said I always LOVE a trip to Lemaire. Between the detail, color, shape, and store layout it’s a of huge source of inspiration for me. Their minimalistic approach to design is something I have always admired.

MAGGIE: Our favorite shops this past trip were Lemaire, Broken Arm, L’Eclaireur, Isaac Reina, and Acne. Our absolute numéro un favorite spot to sit and people watch is Café Charlot. Everyone is beautiful and cool and interesting-looking. We could sit there for hours, drinking aperol spritzes and eating baguette et buerre. Paris is such a special place – there are incredible facades around every corner, and the doors that hide them are nearly as beautiful! We find new favorite spots each time we visit. This time, we discovered a park called Jardin des Plantes on the Left Bank. It’s a breathtaking place for a rainy morning run.

fur shoes by   Alexandre Birman   / jeans by AYR / bomber by   Helmut Lang

fur shoes by Alexandre Birman / jeans by AYR / bomber by Helmut Lang

shoes by   Gucci   / trousers  models own  / camel coat by   AYR

shoes by Gucci / trousers models own / camel coat by AYR

Left: trench by   Jcrew   collection / Ballet flats by   Chloe   Right: black coat   ayr  , shoes by   givenchy  , Cami by   Prada  , jeans   3x1

Left: trench by Jcrew collection / Ballet flats by Chloe
Right: black coat ayr, shoes by givenchy, Cami by Prada, jeans 3x1

Tuxedo blazer by   Helmut Lang   / pumps by   Louboutin  

Tuxedo blazer by Helmut Lang / pumps by Louboutin  

PS. Working on creating your timeless wardrobe? Here's some of our favorite featured AYR pieces to get you started.

Denim- The modern woman’s uniform. Winter white, boyfriend, sailor, never too many. 
The white silk blouse - Think luxurious, sensual, collar bones. Think Jane Birkin.
The oversized poplin shirt - Easy and effortless. Adds a masculine touch to your look. 
Camel coat - Transitions perfectly from fall to winter through spring. 
Black Jacket- Clean lines, feminine, chic winter uniform. 
Blazer- sophisticated and polished (even styled with denim) that transitions perfectly from work to dinner. 

Photographer: Marisa Albrecht // @marisaalbrecht
Model: Kelly Rote IG: @kells513
Styling + art direction: @meganpfisher
Featuring: AYR // @ayr