Truvelle for True Love.

Just beyond the horizon is spring.

When the flowers blossom, green leaves adorn every tree and white dresses trimmed with lace are the centerpiece of every weekend.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost wedding season — the time when those iconic dresses finally make their grand entrance.

Whether it’s a simple elegance or a loud proclamation, the layers of lace, beading, bustling, and bows that go into making a wedding dress are important.

That’s why Truvelle handcrafts their gowns using local production and thoughtful designs.

One of their primary goals is to find a permanent solution for waste. This is seen throughout their production from being a made-to-order company, utilizing the middle of lace fabric rolls instead of just the pretty edging, and eliminating designs that often have scraps of leftover fabrics..

Their most recent project involved creating ten exclusive gowns unique to each of their top retailers using the brand’s signature pattern designs and off-cuts from the carefully selected fabrics which make up Truvelle's existing collections.

Again, with the goal of reducing waste, these gowns were created from their unused lace fabrics.

With names like Alexandra, Carrall, Cambie and Michelle, how could you not want to use such elegance in a dress? Each retailer received their unique design which proudly hangs in their store for you to adore, sample and order from Truvelle.

For more information on this project and a full list of the exclusive retailer designs, check out their blog stories here

Primary imagery credits: Blush Wedding Photography
Dress detail photographs: Julie of Truvelle
Hair & Makeup: Emily Cheng 
Models: Sarah Cooper of Lizbell & Nesta Cooper (not represented)