We Are Nomads

Brooke Morgan Image by: Rebekah Gibbs

Brooke Morgan
Image by: Rebekah Gibbs

One of the unforgettable experiences that comes with traveling abroad is wandering through a market full of local artisans selling their jewelry, textiles, or furniture — there is nothing like bringing home a staple item to display in your home or on your person. It’s one of those conversational pieces that came from somewhere and was handmade by someone; it has a story that gives it a value beyond the cost of purchase.

Artist and design enthusiast, Brooke Morgan, has an eye for finding such treasures. Influenced by her nomad grandparents, Brooke is intentional about supporting local artists during her travels. One such occasion was in Kenya, when Brooke was approached by a man selling sheep skins on the side of the road. When she saw his desperation, and the obvious lack of resources for income, she began to look for ways she could help on a broader scale.

This was the beginning and the foundation of Nomad Collective — an avenue that links artists to the modern marketplace. But beyond the inventory, Nomad Collective creates a platform for undiscovered artists and artisans to be seen, supported, and valued. Since her launch in 2014, Brooke has collected and sold several custom textiles, timeless vintage finds, handmade jewelry, one of a kind rugs, and beautiful wooden bowls sourced from all over the world. Her mission is encapsulated by her motto, “We are friends. We are family. We are Nomads.”

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