The best results always happen when you use a full regimen… Think of it like a team. Each product has its own job to do to participate in the end result of what your skin needs and what you’d like! We have 3 different lines for women and 2 different lines for men. Check them out here >>>



A regimen is designed to be used every single day. These are the products you would use 2-3 times per week in addition to your regimen to help heal and treat your skin. See more here >>>



Safer beauty doesn’t just start and stop with your face, we want to make sure that anything you’re putting on your skin and hair is safe so we have everything from shampoo to baby oil. More info here >>>



UV rays aren’t the only thing damaging your skin… chemical sunscreens are full of toxic ingredients that are not good for your health. We make some of the BEST mineral sunscreen I have ever used. Learn more about it here >>>



Learn how to swap out your makeup and SAVE money! Check it out here >>>



If you’re shopping for Theresa’s sister Bridget, this is her list of products that she loves. View them here >>>



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Band of Beauty costs $29 annually. This fee goes towards our non profits helping us fight for better beauty laws. It’s a great way to support the cause and get perks :) Shop here.


My Story


6 years ago I watched a documentary that changed my perspective on fashion forever. This documentary, The True Cost, revealed everything from the negative environmental impact to the heartbreaking labor involved in making our clothes. I was so moved and impacted by what I was seeing that I had to do something about it, so I started a blog called Tapered.

It wasn’t long after I started Tapered that a friend of mine told me about Beautycounter. The problems that I was seeing in the fashion industry also existed in the cosmetic industry but with a significantly higher risk to our health. Impressed with their ambitious mission and excited to support change in this industry, Beautycounter was my first non-fashion feature and recommended brand.

A few years later, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t want to say that the cosmetic industry gave him cancer, but I have no doubt that it played a role in his diagnosis. So between my pre-existing passion for change in these industries, my need for extra income, and my desire to work remotely and have flexibility, I joined Beautycounter as a consultant.

I was unsure of my decision at the time, but I am so glad that I took the risk. This opportunity, if nothing else, has re-awakened my passion, expanded my community and has created a safe space to process and share my dad’s fight against cancer. But it has also provided for me financially, it has given my life purpose, and it has lit a fire in my heart to lead others in their entrepreneurial journey.

With that said, you can buy Beautycounter products without going through a consultant, so I want to thank you for taking time to be here today and to share in my journey and to support my business. And please, use me as your direct line to Beautycounter’s customer service, as your personal shopper, ask me questions or request samples :) I am here to serve you.

You can contact me at or by phone: 615-330-7568