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This is one area that I was most nervous to switch out because I had yet to try a good makeup brand that also used clean ingredients and now I can’t say enough about our makeup!

I have to give a shout out to a few of my favorite products…

The Dew Skin is a sheer coverage tinted moisturizer that has Vitamin C (skin brightener) and 20 SPF in it! This is a product I wear every single day because of the SPF and for the extra layer of moisturizer. I will either wear it under the full coverage Tint Skin foundation or just on it’s own for a no-makeup look!

Our Lipsticks are incredibly moisturizing and hydrating — I feel like I’m wearing chapstick instead of lipstick! The color intense lipsticks have soothing peppermint oil in them and are more of a lip stain, so I only need to apply once or twice for the whole day whereas the sheer lipsticks are great for every day.

***This is another product I recommend swapping out sooner than later because so many lip products in America are filled with heavy metals.


The best advice I have in switching your makeup out is to invest in The Flawless in 5 set as this set is designed to cover your basic makeup needs, save you money, and help you get ready in only 5 minutes.

The Flawless in 5 Set includes…

  • Your choice of either Dew Skin tinted moisturizer OR the Tint Skin Foundation

  • Your choice of either Lengthening OR Volumizing Mascara

  • Your choice of either the Eyebrow Pencil OR the Eyebrow Gel (my fave!)

  • Your color preference Lipgloss

  • Your color preference Blush

  • A Concealer Pen

If bought separately these products would total $187 but if you purchase the set you get everything for $150!

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