Beautycounter isn’t just trying to sell safer products, we have a very ambitious goal of changing the future of the cosmetic industry and here’s how you can help:

  1. Text “betterbeauty” to 52886 to petition for better laws!

  2. Buy Beautycounter products - investing in our company is investing in our mission and shows the market what you value.

  3. Become a Band of Beauty member - directly fund our non profits while getting great perks in exchange! (Details here)

  4. Host a social - spread the word to friends and family (learn more here)

  5. Become a Consultant - add your voice to our mission and make money doing it! (Info here)

Beautycounter’s High Standards…

We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.
— Sheryl Sandberg

Beautycounter's stringent ingredient process is unlike any other in the industry - Using the best available sources, we screen every potential ingredient for information on specific hazards like cancer, developmental toxicity, hormone disruption, infertility etc.

We ask:
Is it safe? Does it work? Do we need it? Is it sourced responsibly?

Our Never List is made up of approximately 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients we prohibit from our product formulations. Your personal care products should never ever have these ingredients.

As mentioned above, we recommend cross checking this list with your current products, even the ones that say "natural" and “organic”. View the full list here.

amy harris

PS) You can buy Beautycounter products without going through a consultant, so I want to thank you for taking time to be here today and for your support in this mission and my business. Please use me as your direct line to Beautycounter whether it be customer service related, as your personal shopper, to ask questions or request samples :)

You can contact me at 2amyharris@gmail.com or by phone: 615-330-7568